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File:Pacific Garden Mission 1914.JPG|thumb|Pacific Garden Mission, 1914 '''Pacific Garden Mission''' is a homeless shelter in the Chicago Loop#South Loop|South Loop section of Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1877, by Colonel George Clarke and his wife, Sarah. It has been nicknamed, "''The Old Lighthouse''." It is the oldest such shelter in Chicago. According to the PGM website, "Pacific Garden Mission is the oldest, continuously operating rescue mission in the country." Among the converts to Christ from PGM's efforts are the famous evangelists Billy Sunday and Mel Trotter. In 1950, the Mission began production of ''Unshackled!'', a radio dramatic series showcasing conversions to Evangelicalism|Evangelical Christianity. The show, recorded live at PGM, remains in production today and is translated into seven languages for international distribution., "Unshackled"...
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